Notable Work

Gaming Press

Editor for Parallax Media


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Produces editorial content focused on providing an in-depth perspective and analysis of the gaming industry through written reviews, opinion pieces, interviews and more

Edits content of other writers and editors, onboards new writers, suggests site improvements, adds original content to site.

Most notable work:

Pikachu VS Genre: Why We Need to Stop Calling Mongames “Clones” & “Killers”

Puppets, Saturday Mornings, and Acceptance: How Bugsnax Helps Me Reflect on  My Life - Parallax Media

Puppets, Saturday Mornings, and Acceptance: How Bugsnax Helps Me Reflect on My Life

Screenshot_2020-06-26 The Kaiju Influence in Pokémon - Parallax Media

The Kaiju Influence in Pokémon

Screenshot_2020-06-26 The Origins of Hideki Kamiya's Hero Trilogy (and Where to Watch Them) - Parallax Media.png

The Origins of Hideki Kamiya’s Hero Trilogy (and Where to Watch Them)

Screenshot_2020-04-09 Dark Clouds Ahead A Level-5 Retrospective Part 1 - Parallax Media.png

3 Part Level-5 Retrospective Series

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From Telefang to 2019: How an Obscure Japanese RPG Stays Alive Through an Online Community and Upcoming Titles

also used as a source for a Did You Know Gaming video on Telefang

Screenshot_2020-04-09 My Journey for Portable Dragon Quest - Parallax Media.png

My Journey For Portable Dragon Quest

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It’s Time for A Full On Modern Remake of An Older Dragon Quest Title

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How Dragon Quest XI Increased My Interest in the Main Series

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Interview With Monster Artist: Rachel Briggs

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Yo-Kai Watch Interview with Abdallahsmash026

Writer for IndieHangover

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Produces editorial written and video content focusing on news, spotlights, reviews, and interviews on the latest indie video games

Most notable work:


Moonlighter Coverage: News, Spotlight, Interview, Op-Ed

Mulaka Written and Video Review

Mulaka PSX 2017 Interview


Correspondent for GameSkinny


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Attended a 9 week remote mentorship program for the GameSkinny Journalist Training Program (JTP)

Researches trending gaming news and publish content for Launch Media Network’s gaming news and review website including Op-Eds, list articles, guides, and interviews in addition to news and reviews

Several featured articles and over 200 promoted articles

Most notable work:


Will Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 3 Ever Be Localized?

Will Yo-Kai Watch 3 Release in the West?


Monster Hunter Stories Coverage



Why Monster Hunter Stories Deserves an Enhanced Switch Port

Does Killing Monsters in Monster Hunter: World Feel Wrong to You? Try Monster Hunter Stories Instead


Monster Crown Coverage


Interview with Lead Developer Jason Walsh


Re: Legend News Coverage

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Why Haven’t There Been More Indie Monster-taming Games?


Digimon Game Coverage

New Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth: Hacker’s Memory Gameplay Footage Reveals More Digimon, Battle Mode

What’s In A Name? How Digimon Story Stole the Digimon World Name for Western Audiences

Video Editing

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YouTube Channel

Creator and Host of the In From Japan Podcast and spin-off series (interviews, reacts, let’s plays, Etc.)

Creator and host of the Nerd Positive Limited YouTube show

Most Notable Work:

My Personal Experience with Kingdom Hearts & Why It’s Important to Me

Nerd Positive Episode 3: Video Games and Happiness


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Nerd Positive Blog

Cross examination of positive psychology with video games and other media

Entertainment and video game news

Reviews, impressions, and Op-Ed articles about  video games, anime, TV shows, and movies

Most Notable Work:

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On The Go in the House: The History of Playing Handheld Games on TV Screens

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Why Bomberman’s Return Could Be Important

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Final Fantasy XV: New Legacies & The Positive Impact of Video Games